5 Places you’ll wish you had A Portable Ice Maker

There is nothing as refreshing as having an ice cold drink while boating or camping during the summer. It is actually rejuvenating and enjoyable at the same time. However, in the absence of a good ice maker, you’ll probably feel bored and unsatisfied by your trips and fun activities all the time.  But what if you love carrying frozen ice in small coolers instead isn’t more economical? Probably not. You can’t store so much ice after all, but ice makers prepare you fresh ice on the go; they are small and could be essential in any of the following 5 places.

  1. Boating

    uses for a portable ice makerSo, boating is your favorite hobby during the summer? But wait, do you ever miss ice cold water even when there is so plenty of it around you? If yes, carrying an ice maker with you could be the beginning of an even more enjoyable boating activity. In addition, an ice maker is more than just a tool for preparing ice for your drinking needs. Fishermen for instance need to wash and keep their catches cold and fresh for longer before selling them. Again, most salty water creatures when stored in ice cold places often become tastier and fresh for a longer time. And as if these are not enough reasons to make you carry an ice maker, where would you get an ice cold drink on your boating activities?

  2. Recreational Vehicles

    Many RV lovers spend hundreds of dollars every year in buying pounds of ice during their family road trips. While it might seem economical for a single person on a road trip with their recreational vehicle, most of us spend a lot of time with friends and family in these same cars. In such cases, carrying your portable ice maker is often the only great solution. It brings you together as friends, helps you make great memories and enjoy ice cold drinks as you do other fun activities. It is also time saving to have your ice maker near you while on a road trip or during camping. Imagine having to make two to three trips to a gas station just for ice? Wouldn’t that spoil your activities?

  3. Camping

    why you should get a portable ice makerMillions of families in the US spend their vacation days camping with friends and family. There are lots of fun activities you can do with friends in a camp after all, some of which will include enjoying cold drinks and delicious meals. But unfortunately there can never be cold drinks without a good ice maker, an item that most people tend to forget at home during camping days. Okay, sometimes back it was inevitable to leave your ice maker behind as you went for camping in a place with no power. Fortunately there are lots of fuel powered portable ice makers today, and they are as efficient and affordable as any other types of ice makers. Some devices also work with cell batteries and fuel canisters. They are compact, light and easily packed at your car’s trunk.

  4. In a Vacation Home

    Do you have a condo near the lake?  Are you planning to spend your next holiday in a log cabin near the mountains? Well, don’t forget your ice maker. Spending vacations near mountains and lakes could be quite enjoyable and memorable as statistics have shown, but they could also be some of the hottest places to spend time in. Carrying a good portable ice maker in your next vacation therefore is something you should consider now. Even if you have refrigerators and freezers in your vacation home isn’t a genuine reason to make you leave you ice maker behind. In the case where you had turned some of these appliances off during the last visit for instance, you could spend days before the ice makers can work again.

  5. Tailgating Events

    Are you are a party organizer? Do you love attending sporting events? If you do, you probably know how hectic it can be trying to get ice for your friends’ drinks. In many sporting events and small parties, ice runs out quite fast, but not if you have your portable ice maker with you. And as you probably know, any event without enough ice for the guests and friends can’t really be enjoyable as such. The good thing is that the issue of ice is something you can take care by simply carrying a good ice maker with you, no matter how small or casual the event you intend to attend is. A good ice maker is again a better choice than trying to rush to gas stations every now and then to buy ice.

Most people will agree to the fact that ice makers came to help families. They are a good source of instant ice on your countertop, in the party behind your house and in almost any tailgating event you plan to attend.

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