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What to Pack for a 3 Day Backpack Trip? Checklist

3 day backpack checklist

Sometimes packing for a 3 day backpack trip might seem like a hassle, right? Maybe you’ve probably found yourself packing the same amount of items you pack for a two week vacation when you will only be out for the weekend. But where do most people go wrong with packing for their trips? Well, it requires a strategy to pack enough items, to pack the most useful items and to pack stylishly. Below we have discussed the whole process any average backpacker should go through before packing for a 3 day trip. So if you’re preparing for your Appalachian hiking trip, you might find this article quite helpful.

3 day backpack checklist

  1. Basic Items

    Ideally, your 3 day backpack trip should be packed with all the items you would carry in a one day trip, but only a little bit more of these items. In a hiking weekend trip for instance, you will definitely need to carry more than one pair of shoes, an extra jacket, socks and underpants. When it comes to food, tissue, water or any other consumable, simply triple the amount you use in a single day and pack that in your bag. But as you make your basic items’ packing list, put into consideration the weather condition of the place you are about to visit.

  2. Carry Few Clothes

    You certainly don’t need to pack your whole wardrobe for a three day trip. In fact, you could do just fine with two pairs of every clothing item you will need. After all, in most hiking, boating, or camping adventures, you will need to stay close with your bag. Sometimes you actually have to carry your backpack wherever you go, and this brings in the need to travel with as few clothes as possible. You can maximize your outfit combinations by packing thinner and lighter clothes, unless you are travelling during a cold season and you have to pack some warm clothes. Don’t however forget to pack undergarments though; you may need them more than your shirts in some trips.

  3. Optional but Necessary Items

    Depending on where you are going; navigation tools, weather protection and first aid supplies might be important to pack items. In a hiking adventure for instance, never forget your waterproof map, watch and compass. Even if you will have a guide or you will hike and boat in groups, go with your navigation items. They don’t take much space after all. On the other hand, think about your skin and dental care. Do you want to stay 3 days with applying your sun screen? If not, carry also a chap stick for your lips; a hat if you like, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Again, you may need a head lamp for illumination. But even of more importance are a few first aid supplies that you may need the most in case of an injury, a headache or any other accident. Along with the aforementioned items, carrying a long sleeved shirt and long pants might come in handy in places with a lot of insects.

  4. Insulation at Night

    Have you thought about where you will sleep during the 3 days you will be away? If not, here is a checklist to consider. Pack your synthetic glove liners, a raincoat, long underpants and a sleeping pad. To avoid so much insulation items in your bag however, you may as well call a vacation planner for advice. At times you may realize that the place you plan to visit does provide sleeping rooms or well insulated tents.  In such a case, you could dramatically reduce you packing list by only carrying the most necessary items.

  5. Nutrition

    Earlier on, we said you only need to triple the amount of food you eat in a day for our 3 day backpack trip. Well, a backpack trip is a little bit trickier when it comes to the food to carry. However, the most important factor to consider is that you shouldn’t carry perishables. Instead, try well balanced packed food. This could save you time you would have spent on cooking after all. Alternatively, you can pack camping stove with enough fuel for the three days. You may need boiled water for coffee anyway. When it comes to water, carry at least two-1 quart bottled water bottles. And don’t forget your lighter all the same.

Things not to carry

  • An extra Jacket-For a 3 backpack trip, a single rainproof jacket is enough. If you must carry more items for warmth however, pack undergarments. They are lighter and will complement shirts and shorts.
  • More than 2 pairs of shoes-Simply carry the most appropriate shoes for your trip and head on.

Finally, don’t forget your cell phone at any time during your trip. It is important for all forms of communication, but most importantly should you get lost or have an emergency.

RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement

rv faucet replacement

These days, people know the prices of almost every item they need, but unfortunately not everyone takes time to learn the value of the same item before purchasing it. When buying an RV kitchen faucet for instance, most people think it doesn’t require a lot of thoughts or considerations simply because it is just an RV faucet. As you may have learnt however, there are benefits with taking time to learn about your expectations and considerations for a new RV kitchen faucet. Stick with me in the next few minutes as we delve into this issue further and also give you helpful tips on the faucet installation process.

Plastic versus Conventional Faucets

rv faucet replacementThe emergence of cheap plastic made RV faucets is making RV owners have a hard time trying to make the right decision. Plastic faucets for instance are impressively light; they at times cost half the price the conventional tools costs and could be efficient to a great extent. However, are they worth their costs? Well, if you use your RV once or twice in a while, replacing your current faucet with a cheap plastic makes can’t be quite a bad decision. They are easy to install after all and could be used alongside any other standards plumbing materials. However, if you place a lot of value in good looks, durability and efficiency, there are plenty of conventional faucets to choose from. Besides, you probably already know that cheap is expensive, which is why you shouldn’t rush to buy cheap items. A good RV kitchen faucet is not one you can easily get in the streets. Good RV kitchen faucets are an investment, so be keen to pick the best. is a good guide where you can get all the comparison and kitchen faucet reviews.

Top Things to Consider when buying an RV Faucet

  • Compatibility with your Kitchen Faucet

    installing a kitchen faucet in rvBefore you even decide on the type of faucet to buy, take your sink’s measurements first. Make sure you know all the necessary installation items you will need while replacing this new faucet. Note also that RV kitchens are differently designed, and thus at time require special accessories and parts for installation purposes. Also note where your RV’s openings are located so that if you will do the installation yourself, you will be equipped for the task accordingly.

  • Decide on the Features

    As we stated earlier, there are two main types of kitchen faucets. Metallic kitchen faucets and non-metallic designs. The nonmetallic designs are often inexpensive and thus don’t really expect a lot of high end functions from them. But for people with a higher budget, the best decision is to replace your RV kitchen faucet with a metallic faucet. They have got so many modern and meaningful features that you could actually spend hours trying to decide which device to pick. On average, you will have to consider between buying a high arc or low arc faucet, one with a pull down wand sprayer or one with without, one with an attached water filter, or one without. In addition, the functions of modern RV kitchen faucets are simply immense, which is why you should take time to consider the most important functions to you. But whatever your taste it, ensure you at least get a device with a longer warranty or good reputation out there. This way you will be guaranteed you will get its services for a longer period of time.

The Installation Process

After you have the right faucet for your RV’s kitchen, decide on whether you should call a professional plumber over or you should go ahead and install the device yourself. It only takes a few minutes after all, that is if you have the manufacturer’s instruction manual with you. In general, all you need to do is hook up the faucet with your plumbing material and then tightly seal it. Follow all instructions as highlighted by the manual, but make sure to consider other factors like the weight of your sink.

All in all, today’s manufacturers have made replacing a kitchen faucet a simple swap out process. The only challenges you might encounter while replacing your RV’s kitchen faucet could be the fact its fittings are situated behind the sink, and as such could be a little bit difficult to reach. Other than that it might be challenging to reach out to fittings in a poorly lit RV, which should suggest you do the task with someone else holding a light for you. You can still replace the faucet on your own anyway, since everything you might need during the process can be felt.

Finally, as long as you bought the faucet with the right configurations for your type of RV sink, everything else will fall into place. Most RV faucet’s fittings are labeled appropriately after all; there is always a manual to refer back to when you get stuck in the installation process.

Top things to do in the Appalachian Adventure Trail in Ohio

things to do on the appalachian trail

Ohio’s 32 counties offer visitors and locals alike some of the most exciting and thrilling Appalachian adventure events you can get in his country. From the beautiful beachhead on Lake Erie to the riveting art works of Jackson’s culture, the Ohio Erie canal to the beautiful Ohio River that faces Cincinnati, there are plenty of activities you can do to have fun in Ohio. Some of the following activities could be nerve wrecking, while others are simple pleasures like golfing in some of the most beautiful Ohio counties. It’s not all just camping and hiking here.

  1. Cyclingthings to do on the appalachian trail

    One of the most inexpensive but yet interesting things you can do in Ohio is cycling. The cynic byways and beautiful scenes that are most of the Appalachian adventure trail could make your mornings pleasurable than ever. And while cycling is traditionally a means of transport and an exercising activity as well, in Ohio you get a whole new meaning to it. If you go cycling along the Ohio River, you could get an even better experience of the beauties of the Brown County. The Underground Railroad which stretches more than 2000 miles from Alabama to Sound Canada could help you experience the best of Ohio County on your two wheel machine. And if you didn’t know this, the long railroad cycle route was designed to honor the freedom fighters from the Northern region.  The railroad is also full of interesting historic points such as homes to the revered Presbyterian minister, John Ranking.

  2. Ride your Horse

    Adventuring through Ohio’s Appalachian sceneries doesn’t have to be a long and boring activity. In fact, a big number of Ohio’s adventurers use horseback riding to tour the beautiful sceneries in the state. There are many horseback riding venues after all, and they offer different packages to ensure that everyone interested in viewing the Hocking hills or the beautiful wildlife of the south Eastern parts will go back home smiling after a wonderful horseback ride. And if you think horseback riding is not your thing, I promise you would love every bit of adventuring Ohio’s Appalachian counties. The beautiful sceneries are what keep you going, while the trained horses and trails hands will ensure the two to three hour ride will be both relaxing and memorable.

  3. Fishing

    appalachian trail adventuresFishing is traditionally an economic activity, but it could be even more entertaining when done in the beautiful Rivers or lake in Ohio. In addition, there are plenty or beautiful wildlife and parks that have fishing holes, which could make a trip with friends in the Morgan county of Ohio an even greater experience. The Wolf Creek area for instance, includes more than 3700 acres meant for sporting activities, which is definitely enough to make a simple adventure a memorable part of your life. The state owned wildlife area offers fishing ponds where you can fish bluegills, channel catfish and rock bass before you can head to other parts of the Appalachian stretch.

  4. Golfing

    You actually don’t have to go far to enjoying a sporting activity like golfing. There are so many golf clubs in Ohio, some of which directly faces the beautiful sceneries of the Appalachian region. Some of the clubs are actually posh if you got the cash, but most are affordable to the average person. Being affordable is the not the main issue here, but the fact that you could do a simple sporting activity while viewing the beautiful sceneries that are the nature of many Ohio counties. So, for people who thought golfing can never go hand in hand with adventuring, try golfing near the Appalachian areas of Ohio. After all, most people aren’t as nearly incredible in golfing as the likes of Tiger Woods are, which means you could spend plenty of time walking around while you view the beautiful Salt fork Forest or the roaming wildlife.

  5. Tree Climbing

    You came in prepared for plenty of adventuring activities, right? Then be prepared to climb trees and zip line as much as possible. Zip lining is an especially thrilling activity, as it allows you to test your phobia for heights while you watch the panoramic views of the Hocking hills region. Tree climbing is yet another adrenaline stimulating activity in the Appalachian region. With the help of professionals, you can climb tens of feet long trees, take break on the majestic tree branches and watch the canopies and skies if you want to, because after all that was what brought you to Ohio. There are even easier climbs for kids, which can make them thrill and test their physical fitness all the same.

Finally, if you feel like taking a break and get back into adventures another day, come back prepared to boat and canoe like never before. There are plenty of professionals here to help you out, as long as you come in sober and dressed for the occasion.

Seeking a Wellness Retreat in the Appalachian Adventure

appalachian adventure

The Appalachian adventure trail has a beautiful and rich history. Since 1925, when a dozen of adventure enthusiasts pioneered it, millions of Americans flock this area for tourism purposes. Unfortunately, most of them don’t trek the whole area, except for a few people. There have also been several blind, young children and very elderly people who have had fun in the more than 2000 miles long trail. To many, injuries, fatigue and illnesses have been their main reason to quit the adventure trail, but not so much to people who take quick wellness retreats as they go along the AT. Continue reading therefore to learn what keeps people healthy and energetic to ride, pedal or trek through the trail all through.

appalachian adventure

Do you have to trek fast?

The average Appalachian Trail blazer takes months to complete, if at all they are going to make it through. However, to people like Jennifer Davis who trailed through the Appalachian region in just 46 days, speed is a necessity here. But unlike her, most people who visit the Appalachian region don’t usually intend to complete it. Due to this therefore, there would be no harm in spending some cash in a nearby spa or massage parlor. Other than that, here are other wellness products and activities you can do to ensure you are fully energetic and healthy all the way through your adventures.

Carry your Sunscreen

There are places through the parks and forest where you won’t find any spas or beauty parlors. Carry your sunscreen therefore, even if it is just the small bottle. It will help your skin to stay moist and healthy. Even under the canopies of tall trees, sun rays do manage to reach your skin, which is definitely not what anyone wishes. But if you never use sunscreens or your skin isn’t generally affected by sun rays a lot, be sure to carry some lotion to keep it moisturized and healthy. This will in turn save you from drinking all your water because the skin is losing too much water.

The Larger the tent, the better

Unless you are prepared to quit the AT only after a few days, carry a tent big enough for your family. You will need to relax along the way, remember? After all, you don’t want to have problems with your spouse in the woods due to your tent’s size anyway. If you were planning on carrying the 6*4 ft. tent for your family, don’t. It is a good tent if you are trekking through the AT alone, but not very great for spouses or friends. Sometimes your tent will be your only wellness retreat spot, and you don’t want it to turn out to be a place of arguments and discomfort.

Test your Gear before the Journey

If you are planning on adventuring a big area of the AT, you should probably do all sorts of tests to your gear. Do a rain test with your tent and cold weather clothing. Actually get into your tent together with your family, and see if you are really prepared with everything you will need. On the other hand, you should also test all your wellness items and products you have within the first day of your trek. Check if your food is properly sealed and packed as well as any other product you are bound to use throughout the journey. Most hikers will also need products like diaper creams and rain pants, and the only way to be sure they will help you through the AT journey is by actually testing them before the real adventure. After all, what could be worse than carrying items for days only to realize that they can’t help as they were supposed to?

There are plenty of wellness Retreat areas

appalachian adventure retreat

If you are going to the Appalachian Trail with the intent to finish it, there is no reason you shouldn’t. There are people who have done it more than once with little or no help, which means with just a few wellness retreats along the way, you should adventure and enjoy every bit of the AT along the way. Most wellness retreat areas offer 2 to 3 day accommodation to hikers and cyclers. There are plenty of massage area in these parlors, Yoga and plenty of good food. Wellness retreat areas are especially great places for people in no hurry to complete their adventures. After all, why hurry while there so much you can do along the AT. Some people actually take more than six months in the Appalachian Adventure are all to ensure they enjoy the hikes, the sceneries and boating activities to their satisfaction.

Finally, unless you are sure you could complete your adventure in less than a month; visit some of these wellness retreat areas regularly. You don’t want to get back home injured and feeling fatigued like never before, or would you?

Are there any Good Portable Coffee Makers for Camping?

coffee maker for camping

Life is too short to spoil your best moments on camping with some instant poorly tasting coffee. I know you probably have your personal coffee taste, and if your home made coffee or espresso is what you look up to every morning, you better ditch the instant brews and think about buying a portable coffee maker for camping. Yes, there are better portable coffee makers than your average enamel kettle or French percolators as you will see in the next few minutes. When you go camping, it’s all about portability. Same as with portable ice makers, you would want your coffee maker to be light and portable.

From simple one cup coffee makers to hi-tech super-fast coffee machines, there are more designs and makes than you can ever imagine. However, choosing that particular device that will suit your exact needs can be tricky at times. But on the bright side, there are portable coffee makers designed for the specific purpose of camping, thus making your search for a great device easier. To start with, let’s look at the different types of coffee makers there are for campers.

portable coffee makers for camping

  • French Press

    If you are a coffee lover, you probably already know about the French pass. They are easy to use but unfortunately they are also challenging when it comes to cleaning. French passes works by you placing coffee grounds at the bottom of the container, adding some water as you wish and then letting the solution to steep. You also decide when to stop brewing by pushing a screen down before you can serve your coffee.

  • Percolators

    Percolators are simply the original way of making coffee. They resemble a metal pot with a basket inside to hold the coffee grounds. Water boils in a reservoir situated under the basket and then fills the grinds in the process. Coffee brewed in this process often has a rough flavor, which for some reason people love.

  • Drip Coffee Makers

    The pour over drip coffee makers are a bit modern, simply designed and brew coffee with more efficiency than most of other types of coffee makers. Except for people who love controlling every bit of how their coffee is brewed, including the temperatures, a drip coffee maker would make just fine coffee with no issues.

  • Gas Grill Coffee Makers

    coffee maker for campingNow this is the option with the highest types of camping coffee makers. They are built with the same designs as any other type of coffee maker, only that they are powered by gas or fuel canisters on the downside; most gas fueled coffee makers are bulky and expensive. However, these devices are very convenient especially if you have to brew coffee for large groups of people.

  • Espresso Makers

    If you are an espresso lover, how about you look for a specially designed device for camping? They may have a complex design and could be a bit expensive as well, but if you find a good espresso for camping, your outdoor events will ever be memorable experiences.

    Although coffee brewing is deeply personal, there could always be a great device for you. The French Pass type of coffee maker lovers, the Rei Table Top French pass coffee maker is a good choice. It does a great job filtering grinds out, holds hot coffee longer and has a clean and efficient mesh screen over the pout spout for easier serving. By all means there are other French pass coffee makers for brewing, but the Rei Table Top is simply the best.

FarberWare Classic Stainless Steel Stovestop Percolator

People who lover percolators have more choices for camping than the French pass lovers. The Farberware classic stainless steel percolator is one of the great choices you can consider. Its greatest strength is that it is more user friendly than most other percolators you will find people with at camping sites. To start with, the Farberware has a plastic handle, which means it can’t get hot too much. It has measure lines to make measuring water easier; controlling its heat is also easy while its construction is strong heavy grade stainless steel device. Also note that percolators have some advantages over other types of coffee makers in that they don’t require an extra pot to reheat water.

GSI Outdoor Java Drips

If you dislike the rough flavors some French passes produce, if you dislike percolators, this device could probably suit your camping coffee needs. It is simply designed, has an insulating sleeve to make your brewed coffee stay hotter for longer, drains quicker and has a silicone filter to top it up. Many reviewers have also found this device to be more effective at producing finer and flavorful coffee than other makes. Its only drawbacks are that you can’t see inside to tell when it is full, plus it also looks a bit cumbersome.

Finally, while you select a camping coffee maker, ensure you go for one with an insulator to keep your coffee warm for longer.

Water Hardness in Ohio – Do you need a Tankless Water heater in your Home?

do you need a tankless water heater

There is a hard water problem in most parts of Ohio, and often ignored are its adverse effects. According to a recent study by the Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, the effects of hard water are both expensive and frustrating. When it comes to appliances for instance, an Ohio home with a water hardness problem is bound to spend 25% more on energy bills than in any other home. Continue reading to learn about the expensive effects of this problem and learn why changing some of your appliances like the water heater could be a wise move for anyone in Ohio.

Effects of Hard water on Appliances

water hardness in ohioHard water causes lime scale and mineral deposits buildup inside your dish washer, tank water heater, electric shower, home immersion boiler or hot water heaters. When some of these minerals buildup inside your kitchen devices, their efficiency reduces galore, as they will now need more power to perform the job they are required to do. Sometimes the amount of extra power required could also raise your energy bills by up to 25%.

Faulty water Heater parts and Expensive Repair costs

If you own a tank water heater, you are probably going to feel the pinch of hard water in Ohio the most. For starters, your energy bills rise drastically as we had mentioned earlier. On the other hand, the increase in mineral deposits inside the seals and valves of your tank water heaters causes them to wear out or get faulty fast. Still the mineral deposits could deteriorate to the faucets and showerheads, sometimes causing them to leak and fail. The showerheads in turn get clogged and you have to replace them every now and then.

There are more effects of hard water than you can imagine. Their effects on your teeth and health in general for instance can be gross. But why suffer all these problems when there could be a simple solution? Well, buying a tankless water heater may never stop hard water completely, but they could help your energy bills stay low while the device remains efficient for a longer period of time. But are as they as cost effective as often hyped about? There are many misconceptions about tankless water heaters when it comes to their durability and efficiency rate, but we shall be looking at some of these issues below and later give a verdict whether they are a necessary item especially to people who face hard water issues.

They are new Items in the Market

do you need a tankless water heaterDue to the fact that tankless water heaters were only introduced a few years back in the US, most people still think they are in their alpha stage and people should probably give them time to watch how effective and durable they are. On the contrary, tankless water heaters have been in use in Europe and some parts of Asia for decades. All along, these tanks have been heating water efficiently without giving any room for mineral deposits. And why is this? Since these devices heat water as it comes, there is no chance or tank to let the deposits buildup. Also, because the water is heated at quite high temperatures, most of the minerals are heated and destroyed as they come, meaning that never will your water heater or common appliances get affected by the effects of hard water.

So, are tankless water heaters worth the cost?

For someone in Ohio, you probably shouldn’t even ask this question. Tankless water heaters give no room for mineral deposits to invade your house or your appliances. Lime scale and counterparts are destroyed as they come, and largely without affecting the device’s efficiency over time. Generally also, tankless water heaters offer you everything the tank water heater will offer you, but at lower energy bills, with more efficiency, and for a longer period of time. If you’ll choose an electric model, look for the most efficient product. You can check out what are the best electric tankless water heaters here.

Are there Gas Water Heaters?

If you come from an area that experiences frequent power blackouts, go for the gas powered tankless water heater. It actually cost less to run a gas powered device after all, although you might have to pay a higher price for installation and retrofitting and venting. Also, if you have to buy a gas powered device, the instantaneous gas systems which extract heat from exhaust gases are a bit more energy efficient than conventional gas run systems.

Top Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

  • They heat water on demand, thus saving more on energy bills
  • They give no room for mineral deposits since they lack a tank
  • They are more reliable
  • They are more durable


If you can deal with the relatively high upfront costs the tankless water heaters ask for, by all means it’s worth it, buy one or two for your house. They could turn out to be the best investment you’ve ever made in a home appliance.

5 Places you’ll wish you had A Portable Ice Maker

uses for a portable ice maker

There is nothing as refreshing as having an ice cold drink while boating or camping during the summer. It is actually rejuvenating and enjoyable at the same time. However, in the absence of a good ice maker, you’ll probably feel bored and unsatisfied by your trips and fun activities all the time.  But what if you love carrying frozen ice in small coolers instead isn’t more economical? Probably not. You can’t store so much ice after all, but ice makers prepare you fresh ice on the go; they are small and could be essential in any of the following 5 places.

  1. Boating

    uses for a portable ice makerSo, boating is your favorite hobby during the summer? But wait, do you ever miss ice cold water even when there is so plenty of it around you? If yes, carrying an ice maker with you could be the beginning of an even more enjoyable boating activity. In addition, an ice maker is more than just a tool for preparing ice for your drinking needs. Fishermen for instance need to wash and keep their catches cold and fresh for longer before selling them. Again, most salty water creatures when stored in ice cold places often become tastier and fresh for a longer time. And as if these are not enough reasons to make you carry an ice maker, where would you get an ice cold drink on your boating activities?

  2. Recreational Vehicles

    Many RV lovers spend hundreds of dollars every year in buying pounds of ice during their family road trips. While it might seem economical for a single person on a road trip with their recreational vehicle, most of us spend a lot of time with friends and family in these same cars. In such cases, carrying your portable ice maker is often the only great solution. It brings you together as friends, helps you make great memories and enjoy ice cold drinks as you do other fun activities. It is also time saving to have your ice maker near you while on a road trip or during camping. Imagine having to make two to three trips to a gas station just for ice? Wouldn’t that spoil your activities?

  3. Camping

    why you should get a portable ice makerMillions of families in the US spend their vacation days camping with friends and family. There are lots of fun activities you can do with friends in a camp after all, some of which will include enjoying cold drinks and delicious meals. But unfortunately there can never be cold drinks without a good ice maker, an item that most people tend to forget at home during camping days. Okay, sometimes back it was inevitable to leave your ice maker behind as you went for camping in a place with no power. Fortunately there are lots of fuel powered portable ice makers today, and they are as efficient and affordable as any other types of ice makers. Some devices also work with cell batteries and fuel canisters. They are compact, light and easily packed at your car’s trunk.

  4. In a Vacation Home

    Do you have a condo near the lake?  Are you planning to spend your next holiday in a log cabin near the mountains? Well, don’t forget your ice maker. Spending vacations near mountains and lakes could be quite enjoyable and memorable as statistics have shown, but they could also be some of the hottest places to spend time in. Carrying a good portable ice maker in your next vacation therefore is something you should consider now. Even if you have refrigerators and freezers in your vacation home isn’t a genuine reason to make you leave you ice maker behind. In the case where you had turned some of these appliances off during the last visit for instance, you could spend days before the ice makers can work again.

  5. Tailgating Events

    Are you are a party organizer? Do you love attending sporting events? If you do, you probably know how hectic it can be trying to get ice for your friends’ drinks. In many sporting events and small parties, ice runs out quite fast, but not if you have your portable ice maker with you. And as you probably know, any event without enough ice for the guests and friends can’t really be enjoyable as such. The good thing is that the issue of ice is something you can take care by simply carrying a good ice maker with you, no matter how small or casual the event you intend to attend is. A good ice maker is again a better choice than trying to rush to gas stations every now and then to buy ice.

Most people will agree to the fact that ice makers came to help families. They are a good source of instant ice on your countertop, in the party behind your house and in almost any tailgating event you plan to attend.