Reinersville (Muskingum Valley) Trader Days


The Adventure…

Muskingum Valley Trade Days, also called Reinersville Trade Days after the small Morgan County town where this event is located, is not your typical flea market.  Twice each year, spring and fall, vendors from across the Midwest converge on this community and set up shop buying or bartering all manner of goods from guns and knives, to hunting dogs and antiques.  For over 40 years this once local swap meet now attracts a diverse group of buyers and sellers from across the Midwest.  

Learn More…

Reinersville Community Center
7991 E State Route 78
McConnelsville, OH 43756

(740) 558-2740


Getting there’s Half the Adventure…

Trader Days is held at the Rwinersville Community Center located along State Route 78 near McConnelsville.

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