Are there any Good Portable Coffee Makers for Camping?

Life is too short to spoil your best moments on camping with some instant poorly tasting coffee. I know you probably have your personal coffee taste, and if your home made coffee or espresso is what you look up to every morning, you better ditch the instant brews and think about buying a portable coffee maker for camping. Yes, there are better portable coffee makers than your average enamel kettle or French percolators as you will see in the next few minutes. When you go camping, it’s all about portability. Same as with portable ice makers, you would want your coffee maker to be light and portable.

From simple one cup coffee makers to hi-tech super-fast coffee machines, there are more designs and makes than you can ever imagine. However, choosing that particular device that will suit your exact needs can be tricky at times. But on the bright side, there are portable coffee makers designed for the specific purpose of camping, thus making your search for a great device easier. To start with, let’s look at the different types of coffee makers there are for campers.

portable coffee makers for camping

  • French Press

    If you are a coffee lover, you probably already know about the French pass. They are easy to use but unfortunately they are also challenging when it comes to cleaning. French passes works by you placing coffee grounds at the bottom of the container, adding some water as you wish and then letting the solution to steep. You also decide when to stop brewing by pushing a screen down before you can serve your coffee.

  • Percolators

    Percolators are simply the original way of making coffee. They resemble a metal pot with a basket inside to hold the coffee grounds. Water boils in a reservoir situated under the basket and then fills the grinds in the process. Coffee brewed in this process often has a rough flavor, which for some reason people love.

  • Drip Coffee Makers

    The pour over drip coffee makers are a bit modern, simply designed and brew coffee with more efficiency than most of other types of coffee makers. Except for people who love controlling every bit of how their coffee is brewed, including the temperatures, a drip coffee maker would make just fine coffee with no issues.

  • Gas Grill Coffee Makers

    coffee maker for campingNow this is the option with the highest types of camping coffee makers. They are built with the same designs as any other type of coffee maker, only that they are powered by gas or fuel canisters on the downside; most gas fueled coffee makers are bulky and expensive. However, these devices are very convenient especially if you have to brew coffee for large groups of people.

  • Espresso Makers

    If you are an espresso lover, how about you look for a specially designed device for camping? They may have a complex design and could be a bit expensive as well, but if you find a good espresso for camping, your outdoor events will ever be memorable experiences.

    Although coffee brewing is deeply personal, there could always be a great device for you. The French Pass type of coffee maker lovers, the Rei Table Top French pass coffee maker is a good choice. It does a great job filtering grinds out, holds hot coffee longer and has a clean and efficient mesh screen over the pout spout for easier serving. By all means there are other French pass coffee makers for brewing, but the Rei Table Top is simply the best.

FarberWare Classic Stainless Steel Stovestop Percolator

People who lover percolators have more choices for camping than the French pass lovers. The Farberware classic stainless steel percolator is one of the great choices you can consider. Its greatest strength is that it is more user friendly than most other percolators you will find people with at camping sites. To start with, the Farberware has a plastic handle, which means it can’t get hot too much. It has measure lines to make measuring water easier; controlling its heat is also easy while its construction is strong heavy grade stainless steel device. Also note that percolators have some advantages over other types of coffee makers in that they don’t require an extra pot to reheat water.

GSI Outdoor Java Drips

If you dislike the rough flavors some French passes produce, if you dislike percolators, this device could probably suit your camping coffee needs. It is simply designed, has an insulating sleeve to make your brewed coffee stay hotter for longer, drains quicker and has a silicone filter to top it up. Many reviewers have also found this device to be more effective at producing finer and flavorful coffee than other makes. Its only drawbacks are that you can’t see inside to tell when it is full, plus it also looks a bit cumbersome.

Finally, while you select a camping coffee maker, ensure you go for one with an insulator to keep your coffee warm for longer.

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