What to Pack for a 3 Day Backpack Trip? Checklist

Sometimes packing for a 3 day backpack trip might seem like a hassle, right? Maybe you’ve probably found yourself packing the same amount of items you pack for a two week vacation when you will only be out for the weekend. But where do most people go wrong with packing for their trips? Well, it requires a strategy to pack enough items, to pack the most useful items and to pack stylishly. Below we have discussed the whole process any average backpacker should go through before packing for a 3 day trip. So if you’re preparing for your Appalachian hiking trip, you might find this article quite helpful.

3 day backpack checklist

  1. Basic Items

    Ideally, your 3 day backpack trip should be packed with all the items you would carry in a one day trip, but only a little bit more of these items. In a hiking weekend trip for instance, you will definitely need to carry more than one pair of shoes, an extra jacket, socks and underpants. When it comes to food, tissue, water or any other consumable, simply triple the amount you use in a single day and pack that in your bag. But as you make your basic items’ packing list, put into consideration the weather condition of the place you are about to visit.

  2. Carry Few Clothes

    You certainly don’t need to pack your whole wardrobe for a three day trip. In fact, you could do just fine with two pairs of every clothing item you will need. After all, in most hiking, boating, or camping adventures, you will need to stay close with your bag. Sometimes you actually have to carry your backpack wherever you go, and this brings in the need to travel with as few clothes as possible. You can maximize your outfit combinations by packing thinner and lighter clothes, unless you are travelling during a cold season and you have to pack some warm clothes. Don’t however forget to pack undergarments though; you may need them more than your shirts in some trips.

  3. Optional but Necessary Items

    Depending on where you are going; navigation tools, weather protection and first aid supplies might be important to pack items. In a hiking adventure for instance, never forget your waterproof map, watch and compass. Even if you will have a guide or you will hike and boat in groups, go with your navigation items. They don’t take much space after all. On the other hand, think about your skin and dental care. Do you want to stay 3 days with applying your sun screen? If not, carry also a chap stick for your lips; a hat if you like, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Again, you may need a head lamp for illumination. But even of more importance are a few first aid supplies that you may need the most in case of an injury, a headache or any other accident. Along with the aforementioned items, carrying a long sleeved shirt and long pants might come in handy in places with a lot of insects.

  4. Insulation at Night

    Have you thought about where you will sleep during the 3 days you will be away? If not, here is a checklist to consider. Pack your synthetic glove liners, a raincoat, long underpants and a sleeping pad. To avoid so much insulation items in your bag however, you may as well call a vacation planner for advice. At times you may realize that the place you plan to visit does provide sleeping rooms or well insulated tents.  In such a case, you could dramatically reduce you packing list by only carrying the most necessary items.

  5. Nutrition

    Earlier on, we said you only need to triple the amount of food you eat in a day for our 3 day backpack trip. Well, a backpack trip is a little bit trickier when it comes to the food to carry. However, the most important factor to consider is that you shouldn’t carry perishables. Instead, try well balanced packed food. This could save you time you would have spent on cooking after all. Alternatively, you can pack camping stove with enough fuel for the three days. You may need boiled water for coffee anyway. When it comes to water, carry at least two-1 quart bottled water bottles. And don’t forget your lighter all the same.

Things not to carry

  • An extra Jacket-For a 3 backpack trip, a single rainproof jacket is enough. If you must carry more items for warmth however, pack undergarments. They are lighter and will complement shirts and shorts.
  • More than 2 pairs of shoes-Simply carry the most appropriate shoes for your trip and head on.

Finally, don’t forget your cell phone at any time during your trip. It is important for all forms of communication, but most importantly should you get lost or have an emergency.

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