RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement

These days, people know the prices of almost every item they need, but unfortunately not everyone takes time to learn the value of the same item before purchasing it. When buying an RV kitchen faucet for instance, most people think it doesn’t require a lot of thoughts or considerations simply because it is just an RV faucet. As you may have learnt however, there are benefits with taking time to learn about your expectations and considerations for a new RV kitchen faucet. Stick with me in the next few minutes as we delve into this issue further and also give you helpful tips on the faucet installation process.

Plastic versus Conventional Faucets

rv faucet replacementThe emergence of cheap plastic made RV faucets is making RV owners have a hard time trying to make the right decision. Plastic faucets for instance are impressively light; they at times cost half the price the conventional tools costs and could be efficient to a great extent. However, are they worth their costs? Well, if you use your RV once or twice in a while, replacing your current faucet with a cheap plastic makes can’t be quite a bad decision. They are easy to install after all and could be used alongside any other standards plumbing materials. However, if you place a lot of value in good looks, durability and efficiency, there are plenty of conventional faucets to choose from. Besides, you probably already know that cheap is expensive, which is why you shouldn’t rush to buy cheap items. A good RV kitchen faucet is not one you can easily get in the streets. Good RV kitchen faucets are an investment, so be keen to pick the best. http://topfaucetsreviewed.com is a good guide where you can get all the comparison and kitchen faucet reviews.

Top Things to Consider when buying an RV Faucet

  • Compatibility with your Kitchen Faucet

    installing a kitchen faucet in rvBefore you even decide on the type of faucet to buy, take your sink’s measurements first. Make sure you know all the necessary installation items you will need while replacing this new faucet. Note also that RV kitchens are differently designed, and thus at time require special accessories and parts for installation purposes. Also note where your RV’s openings are located so that if you will do the installation yourself, you will be equipped for the task accordingly.

  • Decide on the Features

    As we stated earlier, there are two main types of kitchen faucets. Metallic kitchen faucets and non-metallic designs. The nonmetallic designs are often inexpensive and thus don’t really expect a lot of high end functions from them. But for people with a higher budget, the best decision is to replace your RV kitchen faucet with a metallic faucet. They have got so many modern and meaningful features that you could actually spend hours trying to decide which device to pick. On average, you will have to consider between buying a high arc or low arc faucet, one with a pull down wand sprayer or one with without, one with an attached water filter, or one without. In addition, the functions of modern RV kitchen faucets are simply immense, which is why you should take time to consider the most important functions to you. But whatever your taste it, ensure you at least get a device with a longer warranty or good reputation out there. This way you will be guaranteed you will get its services for a longer period of time.

The Installation Process

After you have the right faucet for your RV’s kitchen, decide on whether you should call a professional plumber over or you should go ahead and install the device yourself. It only takes a few minutes after all, that is if you have the manufacturer’s instruction manual with you. In general, all you need to do is hook up the faucet with your plumbing material and then tightly seal it. Follow all instructions as highlighted by the manual, but make sure to consider other factors like the weight of your sink.

All in all, today’s manufacturers have made replacing a kitchen faucet a simple swap out process. The only challenges you might encounter while replacing your RV’s kitchen faucet could be the fact its fittings are situated behind the sink, and as such could be a little bit difficult to reach. Other than that it might be challenging to reach out to fittings in a poorly lit RV, which should suggest you do the task with someone else holding a light for you. You can still replace the faucet on your own anyway, since everything you might need during the process can be felt.

Finally, as long as you bought the faucet with the right configurations for your type of RV sink, everything else will fall into place. Most RV faucet’s fittings are labeled appropriately after all; there is always a manual to refer back to when you get stuck in the installation process.

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