Seeking a Wellness Retreat in the Appalachian Adventure

The Appalachian adventure trail has a beautiful and rich history. Since 1925, when a dozen of adventure enthusiasts pioneered it, millions of Americans flock this area for tourism purposes. Unfortunately, most of them don’t trek the whole area, except for a few people. There have also been several blind, young children and very elderly people who have had fun in the more than 2000 miles long trail. To many, injuries, fatigue and illnesses have been their main reason to quit the adventure trail, but not so much to people who take quick wellness retreats as they go along the AT. Continue reading therefore to learn what keeps people healthy and energetic to ride, pedal or trek through the trail all through.

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Do you have to trek fast?

The average Appalachian Trail blazer takes months to complete, if at all they are going to make it through. However, to people like Jennifer Davis who trailed through the Appalachian region in just 46 days, speed is a necessity here. But unlike her, most people who visit the Appalachian region don’t usually intend to complete it. Due to this therefore, there would be no harm in spending some cash in a nearby spa or massage parlor. Other than that, here are other wellness products and activities you can do to ensure you are fully energetic and healthy all the way through your adventures.

Carry your Sunscreen

There are places through the parks and forest where you won’t find any spas or beauty parlors. Carry your sunscreen therefore, even if it is just the small bottle. It will help your skin to stay moist and healthy. Even under the canopies of tall trees, sun rays do manage to reach your skin, which is definitely not what anyone wishes. But if you never use sunscreens or your skin isn’t generally affected by sun rays a lot, be sure to carry some lotion to keep it moisturized and healthy. This will in turn save you from drinking all your water because the skin is losing too much water.

The Larger the tent, the better

Unless you are prepared to quit the AT only after a few days, carry a tent big enough for your family. You will need to relax along the way, remember? After all, you don’t want to have problems with your spouse in the woods due to your tent’s size anyway. If you were planning on carrying the 6*4 ft. tent for your family, don’t. It is a good tent if you are trekking through the AT alone, but not very great for spouses or friends. Sometimes your tent will be your only wellness retreat spot, and you don’t want it to turn out to be a place of arguments and discomfort.

Test your Gear before the Journey

If you are planning on adventuring a big area of the AT, you should probably do all sorts of tests to your gear. Do a rain test with your tent and cold weather clothing. Actually get into your tent together with your family, and see if you are really prepared with everything you will need. On the other hand, you should also test all your wellness items and products you have within the first day of your trek. Check if your food is properly sealed and packed as well as any other product you are bound to use throughout the journey. Most hikers will also need products like diaper creams and rain pants, and the only way to be sure they will help you through the AT journey is by actually testing them before the real adventure. After all, what could be worse than carrying items for days only to realize that they can’t help as they were supposed to?

There are plenty of wellness Retreat areas

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If you are going to the Appalachian Trail with the intent to finish it, there is no reason you shouldn’t. There are people who have done it more than once with little or no help, which means with just a few wellness retreats along the way, you should adventure and enjoy every bit of the AT along the way. Most wellness retreat areas offer 2 to 3 day accommodation to hikers and cyclers. There are plenty of massage area in these parlors, Yoga and plenty of good food. Wellness retreat areas are especially great places for people in no hurry to complete their adventures. After all, why hurry while there so much you can do along the AT. Some people actually take more than six months in the Appalachian Adventure are all to ensure they enjoy the hikes, the sceneries and boating activities to their satisfaction.

Finally, unless you are sure you could complete your adventure in less than a month; visit some of these wellness retreat areas regularly. You don’t want to get back home injured and feeling fatigued like never before, or would you?

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