Top things to do in the Appalachian Adventure Trail in Ohio

Ohio’s 32 counties offer visitors and locals alike some of the most exciting and thrilling Appalachian adventure events you can get in his country. From the beautiful beachhead on Lake Erie to the riveting art works of Jackson’s culture, the Ohio Erie canal to the beautiful Ohio River that faces Cincinnati, there are plenty of activities you can do to have fun in Ohio. Some of the following activities could be nerve wrecking, while others are simple pleasures like golfing in some of the most beautiful Ohio counties. It’s not all just camping and hiking here.

  1. Cyclingthings to do on the appalachian trail

    One of the most inexpensive but yet interesting things you can do in Ohio is cycling. The cynic byways and beautiful scenes that are most of the Appalachian adventure trail could make your mornings pleasurable than ever. And while cycling is traditionally a means of transport and an exercising activity as well, in Ohio you get a whole new meaning to it. If you go cycling along the Ohio River, you could get an even better experience of the beauties of the Brown County. The Underground Railroad which stretches more than 2000 miles from Alabama to Sound Canada could help you experience the best of Ohio County on your two wheel machine. And if you didn’t know this, the long railroad cycle route was designed to honor the freedom fighters from the Northern region.  The railroad is also full of interesting historic points such as homes to the revered Presbyterian minister, John Ranking.

  2. Ride your Horse

    Adventuring through Ohio’s Appalachian sceneries doesn’t have to be a long and boring activity. In fact, a big number of Ohio’s adventurers use horseback riding to tour the beautiful sceneries in the state. There are many horseback riding venues after all, and they offer different packages to ensure that everyone interested in viewing the Hocking hills or the beautiful wildlife of the south Eastern parts will go back home smiling after a wonderful horseback ride. And if you think horseback riding is not your thing, I promise you would love every bit of adventuring Ohio’s Appalachian counties. The beautiful sceneries are what keep you going, while the trained horses and trails hands will ensure the two to three hour ride will be both relaxing and memorable.

  3. Fishing

    appalachian trail adventuresFishing is traditionally an economic activity, but it could be even more entertaining when done in the beautiful Rivers or lake in Ohio. In addition, there are plenty or beautiful wildlife and parks that have fishing holes, which could make a trip with friends in the Morgan county of Ohio an even greater experience. The Wolf Creek area for instance, includes more than 3700 acres meant for sporting activities, which is definitely enough to make a simple adventure a memorable part of your life. The state owned wildlife area offers fishing ponds where you can fish bluegills, channel catfish and rock bass before you can head to other parts of the Appalachian stretch.

  4. Golfing

    You actually don’t have to go far to enjoying a sporting activity like golfing. There are so many golf clubs in Ohio, some of which directly faces the beautiful sceneries of the Appalachian region. Some of the clubs are actually posh if you got the cash, but most are affordable to the average person. Being affordable is the not the main issue here, but the fact that you could do a simple sporting activity while viewing the beautiful sceneries that are the nature of many Ohio counties. So, for people who thought golfing can never go hand in hand with adventuring, try golfing near the Appalachian areas of Ohio. After all, most people aren’t as nearly incredible in golfing as the likes of Tiger Woods are, which means you could spend plenty of time walking around while you view the beautiful Salt fork Forest or the roaming wildlife.

  5. Tree Climbing

    You came in prepared for plenty of adventuring activities, right? Then be prepared to climb trees and zip line as much as possible. Zip lining is an especially thrilling activity, as it allows you to test your phobia for heights while you watch the panoramic views of the Hocking hills region. Tree climbing is yet another adrenaline stimulating activity in the Appalachian region. With the help of professionals, you can climb tens of feet long trees, take break on the majestic tree branches and watch the canopies and skies if you want to, because after all that was what brought you to Ohio. There are even easier climbs for kids, which can make them thrill and test their physical fitness all the same.

Finally, if you feel like taking a break and get back into adventures another day, come back prepared to boat and canoe like never before. There are plenty of professionals here to help you out, as long as you come in sober and dressed for the occasion.

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